At face value, the term “W.A.R.” seems intimidating and aggressive, but within the context of spiritual warfare, it soon becomes exciting to know that our Eternal Savior Jesus Christ ensured our VICTORY in the war of spirit and flesh, curse and conviction, forgiveness and vengeance, righteousness and wickedness at CALVARY. Battles occur daily and, whether we choose to engage or not, we are either gaining or losing ground every second.

This movement for Worship, Anointing and Revival among our youth and young adults was birthed seven years ago as I cried out and asked God “WHY?” despite anointed teaching, dedicated leadership, hardworking parents and Biblically raised children- our young people and young adults- my peers- keep falling off and dropping out of the race.

God began to show me that, for all we are doing right (in the global Christian community), there is A LOT that we are doing wrong- being spiritually lazy, refusing to take up our spiritual armor to be instant, neglecting to pray, refusing to fast, avoiding the cross, inconsistently holding our posts, fostering DIVISION, harboring grudges, competition, disorganization and failing to LIVE IN THE SPIRIT.

God may love us, but He hates the lukewarm temperature of the modern day “church”… W.A.R. is an attempt to change that climate with an infusion of fiery worship, the hot oil of God’s anointing and branding revival.

To our fellow labourers, we say THANK YOU for joining your hands to this work! The word of God says that a “threefold chord is not easily broken.” We have far exceeded that, at this point, and “what God has joined, let NO MAN put asunder”.

I've learned that God loves us (the real, messy, doesn't have it all together all the time us) so much... He loves it when we take time to bow before Him and empty our heart at His feet. He loves it when we entreat ourselves unto Him as sons and daughters. God requires our Faith to reach a point where we are willing to let everything go, break down and fall apart with complete trust that He will put everything back as it should be. For this reconstruction, God needs no help from us, but He requires our surrender.

Throughout W.A.R. 2018, let us surrender all.


Evangelist Bri, Founder/Director

The W.A.R. [Worship Anointing & Revival] Movement

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Thanks & Blessings!
Evangelist Bri, Founder & Leader
The W.A.R. [Worship Anointing & Revival] Movement